Noorani Premium Eastern Clothing Brand For Men

Noorani Premium Eastern Clothing Brand For Men

Explore Noorani Store For Premium Attire:

The exceptional premium quality eastern men's fabric is now here for all the festivities. We provided the best-unstitched material in Pakistan for men. Suppose you are the one who likes to dress in utmost comfort and class at the same time. We have got you covered.

What's In The Noorani Store?

Noorani exclusively works on how they can provide a luxurious touch to the contemporary eastern style. The blended material is what makes our fabric the talk of the town. Get the most wearable yet elegant fabric for your next upcoming occasion. 

Best Fabric Brand In Pakistan

We are fond of bringing up the most subtle colors that make you noticeable and appealing with an extreme level of boldness. Noorani’s premium collections build the most tasteful concept of eastern clothing ethnicity all over the globe.

From essential daily wear to occasional fit, the Noorani store has it all for different preferences. Modern eastern looks are being adaptive these days. 

Eastern Men's Fabric And Fashion

Shalwar kameez has been the attire of Pakistani men since ages, The comfort and modesty in wearing these are unbeatable. On religious occasions like Eid-ul-fitr, Iftar Party, Eid-ul-azha, jumma-tul-vida etc we often see men wearing shalwar kameez as it is a symbolic religious clothing for Pakistanis. We see our leaders mostly in white cotton crisp shalwar kameez that makes them look astonishingly decent. 

Our wide range of colors is unbeatable. Noorani fabrics are easy to wash, breathable, gentle on the skin, and spotlight-winner. Subtle shades make a person splendid.

Noorani's Premium Fabric Collection Includes :

  • Snowfall Cotton Collection: Light-weighted, purely woven cotton fabric makes your styling prestigious and classic. This collection is all about decency and luxury. The starting price for the snowfall cotton collection is 6,660 Pkr for 4.5 meters of fabric. They come in three colors, White dignity, Smoked gray, and Sepia Brown.

  • Noorani Rich Lifestyle: Perfect pick if you like fusion. This collection has some sheer touch to it which makes it stand out. Its plain breathable fabric makes your overall personality modern and classy. The starting price for this fabric is 3,510 Pkr which is really economical.

  • Noorani Al Maknoon: Masculine deep tones and earthy hues with a feather-like fabric is worth every single penny spent on it. The collection has five shades that are super elegant and unique. The collection is premium and so starts with Pkr 5,265 without a box.


  • Noorani Comfy Accord: Bring out the hidden sophistication within you with this exceptional collection, The collection is based on 9 articles that are extremely show-stopping colors. This collection starts with around Pkr 4,000 which is perfectly worth it.¬†

  • Noorani Swiss and Exclusive: Wear the grace and elegance of the eastern eminence with Noorani‚Äôs exclusive collection. This consists of 11 shades and are mostly dark hues. This makes the collection majestic. It starts from 4,455 Pkr which is good to go for seasonal shopping.

  • Noorani Al Safwa Premium cotton: The most summer-friendly fabric is now with the Al Safwa premium collection for complete dignity and masculinity. Pkr 5,940 is the starting rate for the collection which is for premium lovers.

  • Noorani Atal: Experience the serenity of authentic eastern attire with smooth finish fabric and elegant colors. The Atal collection by Noorani has 12 different shades that can be worn by men of any age. The cost for each article is Pkr 4,725 Pkr

So stop wondering and order some fabulous unstitched fabric for the festivities today and cherish every hour wearing Noorani.  

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